About All Peace Realty Auction

Online Real Estate Auctions in the Peace Country

We provide professional auction services for land, farms and estates bringing buyers and sellers together providing a relaxed and fair bidding and purchasing process.

Coming from a professional real estate background with several decades of experience and training, familiar with several common options to connect buyers and sellers of real estate. We are one of the leading Sellers of rural properties in the Peace Region; with a lifetime of local area knowledge and clientele, we have sold many different types of real estate; residential, rural, recreational and commercial. We focus on confidentiality and honesty as our key objectives for both the buyers and sellers.

We strive to make our auction property and bidding a simple and fair process.

Properties and estates for auction……(submission process)

Bidding begins by registering online with our secure portal requiring financial approval required to start your bidding. Placing your bidding is both easy and confidential. The successful bidder will complete the transaction by signing a purchase contract to begin the acquisition of the property or estate.

Our Experience. Our Knowledge. Our Values.